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The Liberty

The Liberty – your deluxe home

Category: luxuryAddress: ul. Sevastopolskaya 14

For the most demanding buyers, those special people, who don’t accept being dependent on external circumstances and feel absolute responsibility for their present and future, 2MEN GROUP presents the deluxe home: The Liberty.

The Liberty is the heart of 2MEN GROUP. Here you can feel true independence. The unique combination of traditional values and innovations, gently integrated into everyday life, creates a special atmosphere in The Liberty. After experiencing that atmosphere you will feel the subtle breath of the best traditions of the past, the tremendous opportunities of the present and involvement in the extraordinary future.

Famous European interior designers will help you to express your individuality through color, texture and decoration materials and reveal the diversity of your personality in the organization of your living space. Invaluable experience with world-class professionals will long remain in your memory and certainly enrich your inner world.

The freedom to express yourself will give your living space an absolutely new color. The process of realization of your own ideas will bring you an incomparable sense of satisfaction and the results of creativity will bring you pleasure.

The Liberty. Freedom to enjoy life


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Project declaration