Projektbild Wacker Ingenieure

Wacker Ingenieure

Since 1992 Wacker Ingenieure - Wind Engineering Consultants, have offered technical-scientific well-founded services within the scope of applied building aerodynamics and indoor airflow and Honorary Professor at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Jürgen Wacker has been keeping the company up-to-date with new scientific research and technologies. Wacker Ingenieure have been successfully involved in more than 1500 projects around the world including the FIFA World Cup, Olympic stadiums, world-famous high-rise buildings, long-span bridges and other renowned projects.

The production of their own models for wind tunnel testing ensures the high accuracy of the results in various fields: wind loads on buildings and components; wind-induced vibrations of structures; human-induced vibrations of structures; snow loads on roofs of buildings; pedestrian comfort in the neighbourhood of buildings; aerodynamic design of facades; natural building ventilation, smoke extraction and control.

Modern scientific techniques used by Wacker Ingenieure in aerodynamic tests provide high quality services and reliable, time-tested results.