Projektbild Kardorff Ingenieure

Kardorff Ingenieure

With every new project Kardorff Ingeneure follows the same old polity: „First comprehend, then illuminate“. Specializing in design and project management, it’s longstanding experience in the analysis of architectural developments guarantees the engineering bureau’s  success with every project they launch.

Kardorff Ingeneure tops the list of Europe’s best architectural lighting designers. Working in the most differing spheres, the international team creates lighting concepts using artificial as well as natural light sources. Their project portfolio includes objects such as museums and amusement parks as well as apartment and office buildings. 

For their projects Kardorff Ingeneure use only the latest and most efficient technologies. Therefore, every architectural decision is based on numerous models and 3D visualisations of all artificial and natural light sources.

The company undertakes all project phases from initial planning to operational management. It’s independence from all lighting manufacturers, numerous years of work experience as well as the developments within the biological and ecological sciences allow Kardorff Ingeneure to launch outstanding architectural accomplishments around the world.